Journal of Life Care Planning: Volume 16

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Volume 16 No. 1

Special Issue - Brain Injury Edition

Content includes:

(1) Editor’s Message
Tanya Rutherford Owen

(3) Assessing Severity of Traumatic Brain Injury in Life Care Planning  
Robert J. Fabiano, Samantha Sharrard

(9) Life Care Planning for the Adult with Traumatic Brain Injury
Harvey E. Jacobs, Howard T. Katz, Debra E. Berens

(15) Using a Life Care Planner when the Injury is Traumatic Brain Injury - Perspectives of an Attorney
Bruce Stern

(23) Life Care Planning for Children with Aquired Brain Injuries
Susan Riddick Grisham, Sharon Grandinette, Richard P. Bonfiglio

(29) The Implications of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Malingering, Knowledges Base, and Opinions in Life Care Planning
Rigel Pinon, Irmo Marini, Tiffany Cantu, Iliana Escandon

(35) Qualitative case studies of professional-level workers with traumatic brain injury: A contextual approach to job accommodations and retention
Richard T. Roessler, Phillip D. Rumrill, Jr., Stuart P. Rumrill, Deborah L. Minton, Deborah J. Hendricks, Elaine Sampson, Callista Stauffer, Marcia J. Scherer, Amanda Nardone, Anne Leopold, Karen Jacobs, Eileen Elias

(47) Executive Function and Social Skill Support After Traumatic Brain Injury
Kimberly Frazier

(53) Addressing Educational Challenges Following Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury
Brenda Eagan-Johnson

(63) In Memoriam Robert Voogt
Bruce H. Stern

(65) Ethics Interface
Nancy Mitchell

(69) CEU Information

(70) Disability Related Publications